Science at the Center

Science at the Center

 The Shehan Center offers science throughout the course of the year. Currently it is broken down into school year and summer sessions. The program uses an up to date curriculum to help keep our program consistent with schools. 


School Year Program

This school year the center has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America to offer a STEM program. Boys and girls, grades four and five meet every Thursday. Through a variety of topics such as chemistry, physics, robotics, and forensics the kids are able to learn in a hands-on, experimental way.

Summer Program

For the summer science program, the campers partners with Little Scientists to continue its hands-on learning approach. 

Shehan Center is exempt from licensure as a day care center pursuant to Conn. Public Act 11-193


For more information about the Science Program contact Kathy Giglio at or call 203-336-4468.




Thursdays, 3:15-5:15